Chipping Season 2024

2024 Chipping Event Summary
Chipping Event Highlights
The SLO FireSafe Council has successfully completed a series of chipping events aimed at reducing wildfire risks in our communities. Here’s a brief overview of our recent efforts:

Lizzie Fire Mastication (March 21, 22, 25)
75 piles treated
12 tons masticated

Parkhill Rd./Las Pilitas Rd. (April 9-10)
22 properties treated
10 tons chipped

Huasna Rd. (April 11)
11 properties treated
7 tons chipped

Jardine Community (April 15-17)
37 properties treated
22 tons chipped

San Miguel Rd./Toro Creek Rd. (April 18-19)
14 properties treated
17 tons chipped

Sunrise Ridge/Santa Rita Ranch (April 22)
9 properties treated
5 tons chipped

Hidden Valley Ranch (April 24-25)
10 properties treated
9 tons chipped

Cabrillo Estates (April 26)
22 properties treated
10 tons chipped

Cabrillo Estates/Hidden Valley Ranch (May 1)
11 properties treated
4 tons chipped

Toro Creek Rd. (May 3)
3 properties treated
6 tons chipped

Total Material Processed
Total Tons of Material: 102

We’re grateful for the active participation of our community members. Together, we’ve treated numerous properties and processed a significant amount of material, contributing to a safer environment.

For more information on upcoming events and how to participate, visit our website or contact us. Thank you for helping us create fire-resilient communities!

Stay Safe,
SLO FireSafe Council Team