PG&E Vegetation Management Program Funds Three New SLO FSC Projects:
We are thrilled to announce that PG&E’s Vegetation Management Program has selected three more San Luis Obispo Fire Safe Council (SLO FSC) projects for funding:

Lizzie Fire Follow-Up
Pecho Valley Road (Montana de Oro)

With the previously awarded Toro Creek project set to commence shortly, this brings the total number of funded projects this year to four, with a combined funding total of $325,000.

Projects Overview
Lizzie Fire Follow-Up
This project aims to build on previous efforts to reduce vegetation that can fuel wildfires. By managing regrowth and ensuring clearances around critical areas, we aim to protect our community from future fire threats.

Pecho Valley Road (Montana de Oro)
Pecho Valley Road is a key access point in Montana de Oro, a beautiful yet fire-prone area. This project focuses on maintaining clearances and reducing potential fuel along this essential route, ensuring safe passage for residents and emergency services.

Continued Efforts with Toro Creek
The Toro Creek project, which was previously awarded and is set to start soon, adds to the proactive measures being taken. By addressing vegetation management comprehensively, we aim to mitigate wildfire risks effectively across multiple fronts.

The Importance of PG&E’s Vegetation Management Program
PG&E’s Vegetation Management Program is pivotal in reducing wildfire risks by keeping vegetation at a safe distance from powerlines. The program combines routine maintenance and select tree work with the installation of stronger poles and covered powerlines. PG&E’s recently submitted 2023-2025 Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety outlines these initiatives.

Strategic Shifts in Vegetation Management
Recent changes to the program have seen PG&E transition away from its enhanced vegetation management program, which focused on clearing excess vegetation. The new strategy emphasizes advanced grid technologies and a more targeted approach to vegetation management. While some experts and residents have raised concerns about the effectiveness of this new approach, PG&E remains committed to reducing wildfire risks through its updated practices.

Adherence to NERC Standards
PG&E’s efforts are aligned with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standard FAC 003-4, which mandates the management of vegetation clearances between trees and powerlines to ensure the reliability of the transmission system. Additionally, the company is working towards burying 10,000 miles of powerlines in high-risk wildfire areas, a significant measure to prevent electrical equipment from igniting fires.

PG&E’s Vegetation Management Program is a critical element in wildfire risk reduction and the reliability of our electrical infrastructure. The funding of these new projects in San Luis Obispo County underscores PG&E’s commitment to our community’s safety and resilience. We look forward to the successful implementation of these projects and the continued collaboration with PG&E to protect our beautiful region from the threat of wildfires.

Thank You PG&E for the funding