2024 Meeting

SLO County FireSafe Council 2024 Annual Meeting Recap :
Highlighting Retiring Members and Celebrating Decades of Service

The 2024 Annual Meeting of the SLO County FireSafe Council was convened on January 17th, marking a crucial moment for disaster preparedness and community resilience in San Luis Obispo County. Amidst presentations, project updates, and business discussions, a poignant theme of recognition and transition emerged as the council acknowledged the retirement of longstanding members, with a special tribute to Dan Dulitz, whose 51 years of public service to the County of San Luis Obispo has left an indelible mark on the community.

Evacuation Systems and Project Updates
Greg Alex presented Ladris and Genasys, two evacuation systems integral to disaster preparedness. These programs offer robust features such as forecasting impact zones, visualizing evacuation plans, and identifying egress routes. SLO FSC has dedicated funding for another year to support these programs, bolstering the efforts of the SLO County Office of Emergency Services.

Dan Turner, the Executive Director, shared updates on two pivotal projects – Fireshed and PIRS. The Fireshed initiative, in collaboration with Rincon Consulting, aims to mitigate wildfire risks across property boundaries through coordinated land management. Meanwhile, the Plan Integration for Resilience Scorecard (PIRS) facilitates proactive mitigation policies, fostering safer and more resilient communities.

Business Matters and Executive Committee Actions
The meeting delved into critical business matters, including reports on financial summaries, contracts, and grants from the previous year. Notably, the Executive Committee conducted electronic votes to expedite resolutions and authorize essential agreements, ensuring the seamless continuation of council activities.

Elections and Transitions
The 2024 Elections for the Board of Directors witnessed significant transitions. Retiring members, including Dan Dulitz, Tom Wright, Steve Negro and Turko Semmes, bid farewell to their board seats, marking the end of an era. Chad Pankey, Brendan Cosgrove, Ruben Brand, Paul Patti, and Todd Tuggle stepped into new roles, exemplifying a commitment to community stewardship.

Recognizing Retiring Members and Longstanding Service
A moment of reflection and gratitude swept through the assembly as retiring members were acknowledged for their dedication and contributions. Among them, Dan Dulitz stood out for his remarkable 51-year tenure, symbolizing a lifetime of service to the County of San Luis Obispo. His unwavering commitment has left an enduring legacy, inspiring generations of community leaders.

Focus Group Reports and New Initiatives
The meeting also featured insightful reports from various focus groups, highlighting ongoing initiatives across different communities. From wildfire preparedness to fuel mitigation efforts, each report underscored the collaborative spirit driving resilience efforts countywide. Additionally, new grant opportunities and visiting businesses offered innovative solutions, further enriching the council’s arsenal in the fight against wildfires.

In closing, the 2024 Annual Meeting of the SLO County FireSafe Council not only marked a pivotal moment in disaster preparedness but also served as a poignant reminder of the dedication and service that form the bedrock of community resilience. As retiring members transition into new chapters, their legacies will continue to inspire future generations to safeguard the welfare of San Luis Obispo County and its residents.

Stay tuned for more updates and initiatives from the SLO County FireSafe Council as we continue our mission to build a safer and more resilient community.